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T's and C's

1. Payments and Fees

1.1. All fees must be paid before the end of the current term, any payments after the deadline date will incur a late payment charge of £10 per month. 

1.2. Payments must be made in full, unless an instalment plan is requested, all plans must be agreed and set up as a standing order before the 1st day of the new term.

1.3 All fees must be paid in full. Refunds cannot be given if your child misses a class. 

1.4 All fees are reviewed annually ahead of the Autumn Term each year. 

1.5. Whilst we will do our best to re-schedule, if a session has to be cancelled due to problems outside our direct control, such as adverse weather conditions, school or room closure – no refunds will be given. 

2. Registration Fee

2.1. There is a one off registration fee of £10 per child, this will be added to your 1st invoice. 

3. Leaving

3.1. If a student decides to leave before term finishes, no refund will be given.

3.2. A minimum of 1 weeks' notice in writing or email BEFORE the end of the current term, must be given to The Young Actors Company, if your child no longer wishes/is able to attend classes. Failure to do this will result in you being invoiced in full for the following term.

4. Clothing and Valuables

4.1. The Young Actors Company do not accept any liability for any valuables that are bought into classes.

4.2. We advise students that they must wear clothes that allow them to move freely. On occasion, they may be asked to move around on the floor.

4.3. Students who wish to bring phones must turn them off or on silent before the class starts, and can only be used during breaks. If a phone is out and on during a class, the teacher will confiscate it and give it back at the end of the class.

5. Classes and Performances

5.1. If you/your child are going to be late in any circumstance (dropping off or picking up), or absent, it is imperative that you let the Director know. You will be emailed the Director’s number at the beginning of each term. We ask that you put the number into your mobiles.

5.2.  The Young Actors Company aims to provide the very best training for children and young people in a safe, trusting and healthy environment. If we feel that any student is being disruptive on a regular basis, then with due consideration for the student and the class, we will involve parents/carers in a verbal warning, and if there is no improvement, a written warning. This may result in exclusion from class.

5.3. The Young Actors Company reserves the right to exclude any students from classes given reasonable grounds on misbehaviour.

5.4. Promotional photos and footage will be taken during certain classes and performance. It will be down to The Young Actors Company’s discretion on what happens with the photos. We ask that a written request is made if you do not want your child’s photograph or footage to be used in any way. 

6. Student images and usage:

On joining The Young Actors Company and Agency and unless we are told to the contrary, the assumption is made that parents and guardians give consent to their charges being portrayed on stills camera, video, short and feature films, television, advertisements, social, local and national media, publicity material and relevant websites (including the Young Actors Website) at the direction of The Young Actors Company and Agency.

6.1 Parents and Guardians can withdraw consent at any time and images will be removed if it practical to do so.

7. Staff

7.1 All of the staff at The Young Actors Company have gone through an enhanced DBS check.

8. Data Protection

8.1. Please see our Privacy Policy.