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As a member of Spotlight, you will have a 'live' profile on www.spotlight.com. The professional photos that have been taken as part of our Spotlight deal are uploaded by your agent (Leigh McDonald) onto your profile and any credits/skills you have. It doesn't matter if you have nothing to add - we all have to start somewhere. All directors/producers/casting agents have access to all Spotlight members.

You will have a PIN number to access your profile and to update it as and when. You must alert Leigh to any updates you add. (leigh@theyoungactorscompany.com).

Castings are quite rare, so when you do get one, you must prepare. If there's a casting script, it must be learnt. You may be given little notice, so if you can't learn the words you must be very familiar with them. If asked to do a 'self tape' instead of going to a casting in person, you will be given instructions and support. They're great fun to do!

Get to the casting at least 15 minutes early. Do the best you can in the casting, and take any direction you're given - they need to know they can work with you. They want you to be right for the job so don't apologise for yourself. You have a right to be there!

When you finish, thank the audition panel. And then, although very hard, forget about it. If you hear from Leigh that you've got a recall or a job offer that's a great bonus, but you must also prepare to hear nothing. That's part of the job of an actor.

If you don't get the job, you probably won't hear anything. If you do get the job, you'll know within a week to ten days. (This can vary).

All castings are an investment. You may not be right for one but they may get you back for another - it's NEVER a waste of time going.

Be proactive - don't sit back and wait; check in with Leigh from time to time - show her you're motivated and that you want a casting. That can work wonders if the timings right!