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As parents of those children that sign up to be a member of Spotlight, it's helpful to know how it all works and how you yourselves play a part in the process. 

The YAC Agency is run by Leigh McDonald, who organises the application which culminates in your child's live online profile. We can then start putting them forward for castings. 


If your child gets a casting, you'll be contacted with all the details by Leigh. Nine times out of ten the audition will be held in central London. Sometimes you may be asked to do a 'self tape' at home instead of going to an audition. A wee word of warning - the audition could be the next day, so if you're not able to take your child, let us know and one of our licensed chaperones may be able to.


After the casting, although hard, your child needs to get used to possibility of not getting the job. If they hear back, great, but they must prepare for hearing nothing. Just gotta roll your sleeves up and wait for the next casting. 

If they come back to us about a recall or with an offer then you'll hear within a week to ten days (this can vary). 

If they get the job, schools are usually very supportive if any time off is needed. Everything is done according to the law set by the National Network for Children in Employment and Entertainment.


Depending on the job, either you will be asked or a licensed chaperone will be hired to look after your child whilst on set/at the theatre.


Sometimes there will be paid work and sometimes it will be expenses and food/drinks only. If it is a paid job, we invoice the company for the money on completion and then pay you. By law we have to pay the child, not the parent, so your child will have to have a bank account.